“This empowers me as a parent for repeating the techniques and begins the path for life long safety for my sons.  Thank you.”

Christopher Norman, dad

“Wonderful program. I’m looking forward to continue the work at home.”

Nicky Jablonsky, mom

“I liked everything. The teaching style, techniques, scenarios. It was all excellent.”

Lee Jean Krach, mom

“I knew it would be great after watching the email videos. This is a great program that is definitely needed in today’s world. It is a must for all children – I will be spreading the word.”

Heather Lavelle, mom

“What I liked best was the hands on experience. I learned techniques to practice with kids and my children have more awareness.”

Teresa Greenlee, mom

“The three biggest benefits are: Giving kids permission to say no, hands on experience, and learning different ways bad people use to approach kids. This program is awesome.”

Julie Turner, mom

“What I liked most was getting ideas of things to work on with my children.”

Stacey Pugh, mom

“Before my perception was that I was anxious to see what was stressed about how to determine if someone is a stranger – very happy with description. After I learned they can be aware of strangers without being scared of everyone.”

Morgan Sidwell, mom

“I liked that it is very kid friendly; hands on and information presented in a way kids can comprehend. I wasn’t sure if my four year old would understand what was taught, he not only understood but was able to perform the techniques demonstrated.”

Kelly Gaudette, mom

“This has reassured me that my daughter has the ability to be brave.”

Kelly King, mom

“The three benefits were introducing the idea of how to handle these situations, it gave me tools to teach at home, and gave my daughter tools for handling situations.”

Marsha Stroup, mom

“These are good techniques we can easily practice at home. There was good variety to keep kids interested and it was a good introduction to safety and stranger awareness.”

Andy Filbrun, dad

“An eye opener on simple things kids can do. My kids learned awareness, techniques and it was fun.”

Joel Belle, dad

“I learned a lot of new ideas that I would never have thought of before.”

Chloe Koon, mom

“The role playing allows the kids to remember more if a bad situation occurs. The three biggest benefits is teaching the kids what to do, how to use their voice, and teaching them how to find someone to help them.”

Stacie Blatchford, mom

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