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Kensington, PA – A 15 year old girl walking in her New Kensington neighborhood had to deal with a man attempting to lure her into his truck. Forty five year old William Durci reportedly followed the girl and attempted to stop her by asking her how old she was. She replied to him by telling him she was too young.

He persisted in questioning her and asked her if “she wanted to fool around.” He also identified himself as a police officer and stated, “I have to keep you safe.”

Her responses were enough to dissuade him, and part of the conversation was captured on her cellphone. When police finally caught up to the suspect, he was arrested on an outstanding warrant and charged with attempted kidnapping, attempted imprisonment, child luring and impersonating an officer of the law.

Unfortunately, young women are cat called, stopped, sexually harassed, bothered, lured, and verbally abused by men in cars more often than most parents want to think about. In my opinion, when this activity happens to a child of any age, there is a risk the offender may take it to the next step, which might be physically attempting to control the child to place her in his car.

The initial contact in this type of encounter may be a test run to determine a child’s ability or willingness to resist. Bad people choose people they believe will give them the least amount of trouble or the path of least resistance.

This is why I spend time teaching kids about the differences between good people and bad people, how to instantly identify them, and what to do when they see certain clues.

Obviously, good people don’t initiate contact with a child and ask inappropriate or creepy questions. This is an activity safely relegated to bad people. However, the young woman, while giving true answers to his questions, didn’t do enough to completely discourage him from taking it to the next step. I am not blaming her, she has never been taught what to do (nor have most children).

This is what made this situation very risky.

The first two things parents should teach their children is the difference between good people and bad people, and then the specific tricks bad people use to get close to kids.

The third step is how to verbally and physically respond to them and how to remove themselves from a potentially dangerous problem.

Once this young lady recognized a problem (man in truck saying creepy things), she could have responded verbally – loudly and assertively (STAY BACK, NO!) – and physically (body stance, running the opposite direction) in order to quickly remove herself from the potential danger.

From a bad person’s perspective, this does a few things:

  1. Instantly alerts him this person is going to be too much trouble discouraging further action.
  2. Her verbal resistance alerts others in the area of the potential problem.
  3. Her running away instantly increases her chance of obtaining help, and quickly creates distance between her and the bad guy, thus making her safer.

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News Video of the Kensington, PA Abduction Attempt

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