Man Gropes Girl In Florida … How I Want My Kids To React

A 14 year old girl waiting for her school bus in Hollywood,Florida was assaulted by a man who grabbed her thigh and buttocks. She had the presence of mind to break away and run away, which is great, but as a parent I would rather this never happen at all.

What I have taught all of my children isn’t to be on the look out for Stranger Danger because he doesn’t exist, but instead to be aware of human behavior. From the tender age of 4, my kids have been taught what normal adult behavior looks like and what abnormal adult behavior looks like. I have used the model of teach, show, do and each one of my children understands what to watch for and what to do when they see abnormal behavior.

When they see adults doing things that are dangerous, the first thing I want them to do is to create space. Next, I want them to assume a defensive posture (hands up, verbalize STAY BACK, and move away). If the butthead bad person persists, they have permission to do any of the safety and self defense techniques I have taught them (which includes 15 techniques designed to hurt people).

The name of the game for my kids, and the many thousands I have taught is that NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO HURT YOU! IF A PERSON DOESN’T LISTEN TO YOUR WARNING, CREATE SPACE OR DEFEND YOURSELF IF NECESSARY.

If you haven’t taught your kids a basic safety and self defense system, you aren’t helping them, you are leaving them vulnerable to idiots like this.

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