Man Attempts To Lure Girl In TX

According to, a man tried to lure an 11 year old girl to his van by using a common lure to get her close to him. She didn’t immediately run away, which is a problem. We have taught our kids to immdediately respond with a strong voice and strong body. Why? Because this preys on the mind of a pedophile. They don’t want anyone to know what is happening, like a cheetah scopes its prey, child molesters do the same thing.

When a child becomes assertive and loud, it immediately changes his brain and he realizes he made a mistake targeting this child. We teach kids very specific skills to deal with this problem, so they don’t stand around and engage these fools in conversation. The longer a child spends talking to a child molester, the great her chances of being grabbed or assaulted.

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Here is the incident video:

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