Man Tries To Abduct Girl Using Police Trick

Kensington, PA – A 15 year old girl walking in her New Kensington neighborhood had to deal with a man attempting to lure her into his truck. Forty five year old William Durci reportedly followed the girl and attempted to stop her by asking her how old she was. She replied to him by telling him she was too young. He persisted in questioning her and asked her if “she wanted to fool around.” He also identified himself as a police officer and stated, “I have to keep you safe.”

Keeping Your Child Safe From Government Bureaucrats

The Meitivs, a Silver Spring, Maryland family appear from all outside appearances to be responsible and loving parents who are highly educated. Mr. Meitiv is a physicist and Mrs. Meitiv is a climate-science consultant. Their crime: Allowing their children 10 years old and 6 years old, to walk home from a park alone without supervision. On December 20, 2014, a local busy-body, I mean concerned citizen, called the police to report two children walking alone without an adult; what we in law enforcement call a welfare check.