Boy Breaks Free From Alleged Kentucky Scum Bag Child Molestor.

Alleged scum bag Ermel Copley. Kid 1 Copley 0

Alleged scum bag Ermel Copley. Kid 1 Copley 0

I hate child molestors and I get very excited when a kid in trouble has the power to break free, get to a safe place, and point the police back to  so these pukes spend time in prison.  In Ashland, Kentucky, a man identified as Ermel Copley, successfully lured an 11 year old boy onto his porch, where he held him against his will.  He attempted to sexually assault him, but the boy was able to break free, run away, and get help.  When the police arrived, the boy was questioned.  The investigation revealed there was enough to charge Copley.  The suspect is being held on kidnapping and attempted rape charges.

One of the most important skills we teach kids is tricks and lures.  Because kids are pretty trusting, we want them to understand how bad people behave, as opposed to how they look.  When they see and hear certain behavior, this gives them an advantage because it reduces their reaction time, and if you have trained them right, a quick response.  Learn more with our free child safety beginner course-click here.

Congratulations to the young man for taking charge of his personally safety and having the courage to fight back, our hope is if Copley is found guilty, he spends some time in prison where a big guy named Bubba pays him back.



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