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Welcome to our website Child Safety Fun, a website for parents & teachers who want to know how to protect their kids from dangerous people, but who don’t want to scare their kids in the process. Our teaching techniques focus on having fun while teaching kids about a potentially serious topic.

We believe kids who are having fun running, jumping, and yelling don’t have time to be afraid because in the process they are becoming empowered, strong, and aware.  In teaching thousands of kids, we have learned kids have a tremendous capacity and willingness to learn personal safety and protection skills when given clear information and permission to do something.

Thanks for coming to our website. Let us introduce ourselves.

We are Glen and Annmarie Evans, proud parents of four great kids, who work in the professions of law enforcement and elementary education respectively.

Our kids are now adults and in the teen years, but we remember vividly the amount of fear and worry we had about their personal safety when they were younger.  Even though our kids are now older, we still have the same concerns about their well-being. Parents never stop worrying, do they?  However, we know we have done our best to help them understand who bad people are, how they behave, and what they can do to not only dissuade a criminal attack, but also to stop someone from harming them.

When our kids were younger, our questions were, “How do we teach our kids about safety without stealing their innocence by telling them too much? Is it possible to give them the skills without making them afraid of everybody?”

Stranger Danger, the prevailing wisdom in our culture, puts kids at a disadvantage because it teaches them that only strangers are dangerous. We all know that’s not true. Kids are often harmed by adults closest to them.

What We Do

We provide several valuable services:

  1. We teach Child Safety Fun seminars for children between the ages of 4 and 11 years old.
  2. We are paid speakers who provide keynote presentations to parent and child advocacy groups interested in helping children avoid child abuse.
  3. We are authors of the book, “Teach More Than Stranger Danger.”  A beginner guide for parents and teachers who want to teach personal safety skills using the power of play.
  4. We provide a membership website, ChildSafetyFun.com, where parents and teachers can learn our entire teaching system and use our fun techniques to protect the children in their lives.  This website provides videos and articles and gives step by step instructions through a home study course, so parents may discover how to use teachable moments, lesson plans, and fun activities to help their kids develop strong personal safety skills.
  5. We help moms and dads develop a child safety business in their local communities through online learning and coaching through our business in a box program.

How Child Safety Fun Began

In 1999, I was a police officer in Kettering, Ohio.  I was called into work one cold morning because the day before, a little girl name Erica Baker, was missing.  My assignment was to walk the neighborhood and canvas the area asking neighbors if they saw anything suspicious or whether they had seen her.  I experienced first hand, the grief of not only the community who lost a child, but saw the agony suffered by the family who did not know where their daughter was taken.  It is a town scarred by the abduction of one of its’ children.

In February 2004, while watching a football game, I saw a news brief showing a video of a young girl named Carlie Brucia who was approached by an experienced child predator, grabbed by the arm, and taken away to a waiting car.  She was sexually assaulted and killed.  Her body was dumped in a woods behind a church.  This was not only scary to parents everywhere, but an outrageous violation against an innocent child.

I wanted to do something to make a difference.

I knew if I had been able to spend a five minutes teaching her three vital skills, she may have prevented her own kidnapping and prevented the predator from taking her away.

The abduction itself was shocking, but the child’s lack of an immediate response bothered me.  From my police training, I knew exactly what happened.  Having trained hundreds of police officers, I knew she hadn’t been trained to recognize, reveal and respond. What we call the Three R’s of Personal Safety.

My wife Annmarie and I put our heads together and developed a program we could use to train our own children at home.  We began experimenting with different methods and lessons to teach our kids.  The three requirements we needed to have in our training program was the best information, easy to remember techniques, and it had to be fun.

You could say our kids were the guinea pigs for the thousands we have had the pleasure of teaching over the years.

When A Predator Attempted To Victimize Our Son

About eighteen months after we began teaching and training our own children, a child predator cruising our neighborhood followed and attempted to stop my son and his friend while they walked home from the neighborhood park.

On that sunny day, as they approached our street, my son saw a small red pick up truck veer from the through lane and pull up facing the wrong way against the curb.  Zach noticed the truck stop as the driver rolled down the window.  As the truck stopped, Zach took three giant steps back, exactly what he was trained to do.  His friend stood motionless and frozen in place.

The man said something inappropriate to the boys and this was Zach’s signal to run.  He yelled to Matthew, “RUN!!!” and both boys tore down the street looking for help.

They arrived home safely and we called the police.  The very next day, based on Zach’s description, a detective driving through the neighborhood saw the very same truck in our neighborhood again.  He stopped the man and took him to the police station for questioning.  The man was a local paper delivery driver and denied even stopping to talk to the boys.  Because a crime didn’t happen (thank God), there was little the police could do.

We were just happy Zach’s training was there for him when he needed it.

We want to do the same for your family, your neighborhood, and your community.  Please let us know how we can assist you by using our contact page.




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