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Discover our simple personal safety system that literally

programs kids to recognize & respond to bad people virtually on auto-pilot.


Dear Concerned Friend,

If you are one of the many millions of parents who have ever uttered the words, “Don’t talk to strangers!” but still find yourself gripped with fear anytime your kids go out to play, walk to school, or leave the house – I suggest you keep reading.  What I am about to reveal to you is probably one of the most important messages about your child’s personal safety you may ever read.

YES, what I’m about to reveal is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  It is so important that after ten years of traveling around our state and speaking to thousands of elementary and middle school kids in assemblies, training several hundreds more in live seminars, and presenting to hundreds of nervous, worried parents, I’ve decided what we have learned is too important and must be shared with children worldwide.

I have finally found the time to videotape, write, and create a home study program to help moms and dads, teachers, and community helpers who are sick and tired of hearing about innocent kids being victimized, abused, or abducted and who want to take immediate action to stop this scourge from happening to their kids.

Honestly, I don’t care if your goal is to only train your kids in the privacy of your own home, to share it with your group of friends,  or to start a child safety business in your own community, the important thing is if you want to know the secret to keeping kids safe from child predators, then you have come to the right place.

What’s more, if you have the desire to create fun experiences for your kids while giving them gifts of safety knowledge, skill, and ability to recognize dangerous people while programming their mind and body to respond automatically, then I really, really want to ‘bend your ear.’

Okay, So Who Am I And Why Is It A Good Idea To Listen To Me?


GlenEvansFamilyMy name is Glen Evans, a 22 year police veteran working in Ohio.  I have had many jobs as a cop, but one of the most important things I do is train rookie officers how to survive on the street.  Through my career I’ve been in some tough scrapes with bad people, but so far my self defense training has paid off in more ways than one.  Not only have I helped cops develop their sixth sense and safety skills, but I have been privileged to help parents find relief from fear and worry over the safety of their kids.

I am the author of “How To Teach Kids More Than Stranger Danger” and the creator of a child personal safety program called Child Safety Fun.   Like you, I’m a loving parent. I have four great kids.  When my kids were younger, I secretly worried one of them would be grabbed off the street by a sick child predator and we would experience the horror of not knowing where they were.

My wife and I talked to our kids about Stranger Danger a lot, but we didn’t think we were getting through to them.  We could tell because they had a confused look on their face and we saw they were becoming afraid of everybody.

We really had no idea at the time, but just telling them to avoid talking to strangers was leaving them very vulnerable.  We should have been teaching them very specific skills to recognize the very techniques predators use to get close to kids.  I had this nagging feeling Stranger Danger wasn’t enough.  You might think I’m a little paranoid, but I have good reason to be.

I Have Seen The Damage Child Predators Can Do To Families


In my job as a police officer, I have seen the worst society has to offer.  I have personally met child predators and their victims.  While being a cop has given me a chance to protect people, the downside to the job has been to see those victims I wasn’t able to protect:

  • The little girl in our town who left home to walk her dog and was never seen again, and the family’s emotional destruction by their sudden loss;
  • A shaken nine year old boy fondled by an “upstanding member of the community” who was later sent to prison for possessing child pornography;
  • The crying fifth grade girl walking home from school who felt the terror of a man slowly driving behind her as he swore at her trying to intimidate her to get into his car.

The toughest part of my job has been helplessly watching child victims relive the shame and embarrassment they felt when they were being violated.  I know this is hard to read.  I know how easy it is to simply click off this webpage and pretend this won’t happen to your kids.  I hope you won’t because I have something important to share…

The Shocking Video That Changed Everything


bruciapicIn February 2004, I was sitting on my couch watching TV waiting for the football game to start.  CBS News interrupted the program and announced an 11 year old girl had gone missing and the actual crime had been captured by a security camera.

The video revealed how the abduction transpired as this young girl walked home from a slumber party. The child predator easily approached her, forcefully grabbed her arm, and quickly led her away to his waiting car.

The whole incident took less than 20 seconds.  She was never seen alive again.

You have to understand. These were the days before You Tube.  I’m a parent and to see this crime actually caught on tape was completely shocking to me.  There was something else though.  I was confused because the poor girl didn’t yell or fight backShe froze in place and was led away without resisting at all.

A little research revealed this happens in a lot of cases.  For example:

  • Elizabeth Smart was removed from her home in the middle of the night by a child predator who threatened to harm her family if she made any noise.  She remained quiet and was taken out of her home.
  • Shawn Hornbeck was stopped on a street in broad daylight, threatened by a child predator, taken and held in captivity for several years.  He didn’t resist because he believed the lies of his abductor.
  • Ben Ownby was taken by the same criminal as Shawn Hornbeck several years later.  He too was approached and threatened and went along because he had no other plan.

When I saw this video, I instantly knew why she didn’t fight back or at least yell.  One thing my police training has revealed to me is when a person, including a child,  is under stress or feeling fear, no matter the age, they will do exactly what they have been trained to do.  The problem is the only “training” most kids ever receive is…

“Don’t Talk To Strangers”


Have you ever said this to your kids?  For the longest time, this is what we did too.  What we didn’t know though, is that by giving our kids this advice, we were playing right into the hands of child predators.  Our research has revealed only teaching our kids about strangers leaves them extremely vulnerable.  In fact, child predators hope this is the only thing we tell our kids because very often child abusers turn out to be ‘trusted adults’ like a coach, a teacher, a pastor, a neighbor, or a relative familiar to the child.

By telling kids not to talk to strangers, we were unknowingly leaving them open to potential  abusers because most predators are not strangers at all.  What’s more, unless we do a better job of teaching our kids about personal safety, child predators know exactly how to manipulate our kids into never revealing what has happened to them, leaving them feeling alone, confused and afraid.

The old Stranger Danger teaching method has the exact opposite effect we want our kids to have.  When we should be empowering our children and telling them WHAT TO DO, by teaching Stranger Danger, we are instead teaching them WHAT NOT TO DO, leaving them powerless and vulnerable to the predator’s tricks of the trade.

These twisted, sick people are experts at what they do.  Now, they don’t even have to troll neighborhoods looking for victims.  Social media has made it easier for child predators to gather information on our children while portraying themselves as someone else, all in an effort to get closer to our kids.  Using old methods like stranger danger in this new age is like sending a baby deer into a pack of wolves.  Our kids need us to do more.

We quickly realized our kids needed training and we could no longer prepare them with old simple advice.

One morning, my four year old son and I awoke early for some daddy time.  The day before, my wife Annmarie, who is an elementary school teacher and I had been creating and testing our new program on our kids.  My son and I decided to cook some eggs, and as he stood next to me by the stove, he said, “Daddy, if a bad guy bothers me, I’m gonna do this, and this, and this.” as he swung his arms and kicked his legs at an imaginary bad guy.

I said, “That’s pretty cool buddy!”  What would you do next?  He thought for a moment, and with a smile he yelled, “I would run!”  I told him to go. He ran away into the living room, and then into the family room, and then he came back to where I was standing.  As I looked at his smiling face, I knew I had discovered…

A Revolution In Child Safety


I call it a revolution because what we discovered completely changes the game for both parents and kids.  Personal safety no longer has to be fear based and filled with worry.  Parents no longer have to wonder if what they are teaching their kids will work.

It used to be parents worried about how to teach their children personal safety skills without leaving their children traumatized with fear or completely robbing them of their innocence.

Not knowing what to teach their kids about safety, parents fallback on the tired old Stranger Danger advice, which leaves kids fearful of all strangers and takes away a child’s ability to quickly find help.

Worse, kids were not being taught exactly how bad people behave and what to do on the rare chance they see this type of behavior.

In the old way, kids never had a chance to see how a bad person might act, they weren’t taught the many options they had to not only avoid bad people, but also how to escape a dangerous problem.  And the most important element – in the past kids weren’t given the chance to practice and perfect a response in an atmosphere of fun created by their parents.

Now they can.

Child personal safety training shouldn’t be fear based. It should be FUN based.

Once we discovered this truth, we began training our own children in what we now call Child Safety Fun.  We started by giving them good information and doing fun activities.

Thankfully, it was none too soon because eighteen months later the unthinkable happened…


We Experienced A Day Every Parent Dreads


IMG_4673You would think being a police officer would afford my family an extra layer of protection, but that simply is not true.

The beautiful spring day our 9 year old son Zach and his friend Matt were walking back from the neighborhood park.

The sun was out, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and we had forced our kids to go outside and enjoy the weather.

They were having a great time, when they noticed a beat up old Chevy driving down the road and coming toward them.

The boys quickly got out of the street to let the car pass, when the driver stopped his car and rolled down his window. He looked at them and said, “I love you boys today and I will love you forever!”

My then 9 year old son quickly jumped into action as if on auto-pilot.

Knowing this was a possible dangerous situation, he turned to run away, but noticed his friend standing there looking confused and frozen.

He quickly ran back and grabbed him by the shoulder and yelled at him to run away. The kids quickly backed away from the car and ran away to a neighbor’s back yard to get help.

We Thought We Had Bought A House In A Safe Neighborhood


In spite of buying a house in a nice, safe neighborhood, it still happened to our family.  After I shook myself back to reality, we called the police and found out who this person was.  The investigation revealed he had been trolling our neighborhood for days.

As the police officer and detective left our home, I realized the training we had provided for our son, in the privacy of our home, in just minutes a day had SAVED HIS LIFE.

I stepped back and thought about the situation and realized my son had reacted well to his training.  While his friend stood there frozen, he quickly jumped into action because he had a plan that we gave to him.

My son knew he was in danger because we had taken the time to give him a plan.  We believe…

Discovering Personal Safety Skills Should

Be Fun For Both Parents And Kids


If I told you there was a way to have fun with your children, while teaching them the best available information and most modern techniques, without scaring them or stealing away their innocence, would you jump at the chance to improve their safety and make them 99% percent safer than they are right now?

Imagine spending just a few minutes a week, simply teaching your children easy to remember techniques that have been shown to help children protect themselves from perverted adults and dangerous school bullies bent on victimizing your children.

I want to tell you about this amazing life saving resource we call Child Safety Fun.  A system that helps you easily and responsibly teach your children how to become incredibly safe.  So incredibly safe, that they become confident and strong and finally have the tools necessary to instantly recognize danger, protect themselves when you can’t be with them, and develop the very skills that make them less desirable to bad people.

Read, Watch And Follow

Child Safety Fun is a parent led approach that provides caring adults with a step by step program so easy to teach and extremely fun to learn that kids don’t even realize they are learning incredible life saving skills.

You simply;

  • Read a short description of the technique and why it works.
  • Watch a video showing you exactly how to teach the technique.
  • Easily work with your child with skill building and drill exercises.

The Child Safety Fun system is designed to be taught and digested in very small chunks, presented in the clearest age-appropriate terms that any parent can easily teach and any child can learn.

You won’t waste any precious time learning difficult, useless or complicated techniques, so your children will quickly pick up new strategies and techniques easily and effortlessly. Since the techniques are uncomplicated and easily learned, it means they are also easily remembered.

This is so important because if they are ever confronted by a dangerous bad person, when seconds count, they will quickly remember what to do, avoid the freezing effect, and break away from someone wanting to harm them.

The best part is, you will never have a question about your kids’ safety again because Child Safety Fun answers those questions that until now have made you feel helpless against child predators.  Child Safety Fun gives parents and kids the edge over bad people by exposing their exact methods and empowering kids to recognize bad people, reveal what they are doing, and respond powerfully.


Imagine Confidently Teaching Your Kids, Building Love And Trust,

And Becoming The Safety Expert Your Children Deserve


Your children will not only feel safer because of what you are teaching them, but they will actually be safer.  You will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to train quick action response techniques into your children, so they are less likely to freeze when they are afraid.

Child Safety Fun techniques are really fun to learn. You and your child will enjoy spending quality time together as you develop close bonds and create open lines of communication that will last through their entire childhood.

Because of the quality time spent together having fun and learning critical safety skills, your kids will feel comfortable talking to you at every stage of their lives because you invested your precious time in them right now.

In just a few minutes a day, and in your own home, you can establish an atmosphere of non-threatening, fun life-saving safety skills that work!

The result – your kids will be as safe as they need to be, so you can worry less and know for certain you have given them the best information available today.

Child Safety Fun is not only great for increasing your child’s personal safety, but a side benefit to the program is the activities get your kids up and moving, burns calories, making them healthier, stronger and more confident.

It is no secret strong and confident kids are the last thing child predators want to deal with, and since they are assertive and confident, they are also less likely to be targeted by a bully, and your children will have you to thank for it.

Child Safety Fun  is a learning process that is active. Personal safety is best learned by doing, and your kids will be able to practice the techniques, feeling the movement and developing muscle memory, so they will react automatically if someone tries to trick or hurt them. This active process will help your kids develop confidence the techniques work and they can really protect themselves.

Your precious kids will be safer because you have easily and simply taught them exactly what they need to do in the privacy of your own home.


Child Safety Fun Was Created By A Police Officer & Elementary School Teacher


Child Safety Fun combines the best teaching and learning techniques for kids based on a scientific approach to personal safety.  It is similar to the same training process police officers use to make sure they respond correctly and automatically when they are nervous or afraid during a dangerous situation, and focused upon the three modes of learning:  tell, show, do.

Yes, it is true. Just like kids, police officers freeze too.   When cops haven’t been shown what to do or given the opportunity to practice their defensive tactics, they freeze just like everybody else.   This is why police departments worldwide spend billions of dollars every year on training.

Police chiefs want to make sure those who keep us safe know exactly what to do when they confront dangerous people, so they can go home everyday to their families.  I know you want your children to be able to come home too, and training them how to do it the right way is your only option.

The great thing is you won’t have to spend anywhere near thousands of dollars to make sure your kids are safe anywhere, anytime and with anyone, so they can come home to you safe and sound.

Besides not having to spend a ton of money securing your kids safety, Child Safety Fun helps you talk to your kids in kid friendly way, so they will be confident and know the appropriate times to use these powerful life saving techniques.

Purchasing the Child Safety Fun system will be the gift that keeps on giving.  Because we have kids too, we know parents NEVER stop worrying about their kids, even when they have grown up.

The skills you teach will not only help your kids while they are young, but at every stage of their lives. They will take the knowledge and skills you have given them, and be able to use it through their teen years and into adulthood!

Child Safety Fun helps you make sure your children may never know the painful and psychological damage of being physically or sexually abused.  You can rest easier, knowing you have prepared them well enough to avoid a lifetime of sadness and psychological trauma resulting from someone stealing their innocence.

The moment you sign up for Child Safety Fun, you will have instant access to the easy to follow manual and instructional videos so you can begin easily teaching your kids 20 passive and active personal safety techniques designed to help your kids realize they have permission to powerfully act.  It doesn’t matter the age of your child. You can begin teaching the empowering techniques to children as young as three-and-a half!


A Predator’s Worst Fear Is A Parent Arming Their Kids With Both Knowledge And Skill.


Here’s a secret.  Sexual predators and bullies fear being caught.  They will do anything to avoid being detected.  It is our job as parents to teach our kids how to become so difficult that bad people will not even try to harm them because they look too confident..

How do you do this?  Teach them Child Safety Fun. What if your child not only knew the secret to discouraging criminal attacks, but also knew 20 easy to remember techniques designed to slow down or stop an abduction or bullying incident allowing your child to break free? What would that be worth to you?

How about priceless!

Child Safety Fun is the answer to all the child safety questions you have. We will personally show you how to have fun with your kids while easily training them using the same techniques we have used to help our own children stay safe all in the privacy of your own home.

Knowing it is estimated there is one sexual predator for every square mile in the United States; approximately 5,000 abducted children per year, with 200-300 kids never coming home, and 150,000 kids a day avoid going to school because of bullies, parents cannot afford to send our kids out of the house without being prepared.

I can confidently say if there was a device available that protected my four children 24 hours a day, I would spend my life’s treasure buying it.

The good news is you don’t have to spend your life’s treasure to have instant access to this valuable parent resource.

Until they invent a device like that, the only thing we can do as parents is invest time with our children and use the best possible techniques designed to work against child predators and bullies in the real world.


Techniques So Easy & Fun To Teach That Kids Are Excited
 To Learn


Imagine your beautiful teen-age daughter knowing how to speak assertively to an overly-aggressive young man backed up with the physical skills you taught her to overcome an inappropriate sexual advance.

Picture your eleven year old son being targeted by a bully, and having the ability to verbally and physically resist him without violating the school’s zero tolerance policy because you loved him enough to prepare him for it.

Yes, you can teach your children these skills in the privacy of your own home in only a few minutes a day and empower them to be incredibly safe even into adulthood.

Even though parental worry never completely goes away, Child Safety Fun can help you minimize your worry and powerfully prepare your kids to be safe anywhere and at all stages of their lives.  You can rest easy giving them the freedom they need to explore their world without by lowering the chance of becoming victims.


I’ve Heard Enough I Want To Sign Up Now For Instant Access





How This Program Is Different Than Stranger Danger

Child Safety Fun vs. Stranger Danger


What's The Difference?

Child Safety Fun!

Stranger Danger

Teaches kids all strangers are bad, so kids fear everyone.

Leaves kids with questions about what they can do to protect themselves.

Leaves kids vulnerable to child predators and bullies.

Teaches parents to have fun teaching safety using the power of play.

Equips parents with skill and knowledge, so they create incredibly safe kids.

"Programs" kids minds and bodies so they respond on auto-pilot and don't freeze.

Reveals skills to instantly recognize bad people and react fast.

Empowers kids to powerfully respond to bad people with effective personal safety weapons.

Shows kids how to quickly get help from anyone, so they are safe everywhere.

Provides an 80 page book with lesson plans, pictures, and activities.

Point by point videos demonstrating awesome techniques.

Parent Facebook community with access to creators of program with Deluxe Program.

Creates children who are aware but don't live in fear.

Helps parents build confident and assertive kids, so they are less likely to become a target.

Provides conversation starters and easy training techniques.

Enables kids to avoid becoming a victim for a lifetime.

A complete self defense program with over 20 techniques (and growing).

Mini-lessons taught in minutes.

Anti-bullying techniques to avoid and stop aggressive kids.

Helps kids and parents plan appropriate safety responses.

Allows parents to make personal safety fun and not scary.

Lifetime access to website.

What Other Parents Say About Child Safety Fun.


"This empowers me as a parent for repeating the techniques and begins the path for life long safety for my sons. Thank you."

Christopher Norman, Dad

"Wonderful program. I'm looking forward to continue the work at home."

Nicky Jablonsky, Mom

"What I liked best was the hands on experience. I learned techniques to practice with kids and my children have more awareness."

Teresa Greenlee, Mom

The three biggest benefits are: Giving kids permission to say no, hands on experience, and learning different ways bad people use to approach kids. This program is awesome."

Julie Turner, Mom

"What I liked most was getting ideas of things to work on with my children."

Stacey Pugh, Mom

"Before my perception was that I was anxious to see what was stressed about how to determine if someone is a stranger - very happy with description. After I learned they can be aware of strangers without being scared of everyone."

Morgan Sidwell, Mom

"I liked that it is very kid friendly; hands on and information presented in a way kids can comprehend. I wasn't sure if my four year old would understand what was taught, he not only understood but was able to perform the techniques demonstrated."

Kelly Gaudette, Mom

"The three benefits were introducing the idea of how to handle these situations, it gave me tools to teach at home, and gave my daughter tools for handling situations."

Marsha Stroup, Mom

These are good techniques we can easily practice at home. There was good variety to keep kids interested and it was a good introduction to safety and stranger awareness."

Andy Filbrun, Dad

"An eye opener on simple things kids can do. My kids learned awareness, techniques and it was fun."

Joel Belle, Dad

"I learned a lot of new ideas that I would never have thought of before."

Chloe Koon, Mom

"The role playing allows the kids to remember more if a bad situation occurs. The three biggest benefits is teaching the kids what to do, how to use their voice, and teaching them how to find someone to help them."

Stacie Blatchford, Mom

"I like empowering the kids without frightening them.I especially liked all the action. Thank you so much, we would recommend this … very highly."

Christine Wisniewski, Mom

"This … has empowered my children to stay safe. I think practicing the techniques cemented all the information they were given."

Jennifer Fuchs, Mom

"Anthony enjoyed it very much and he is very enthusiastic about what he learned."

Malissa Green, Mom

"I believe our daughter will be much more aware of people she doesn’t know and she will be able to respond appropriately when necessary. Thanks for the great job and hard work of putting this quality information together."

MaryAnn Benning, Mom

The children enjoy practicing the techniques… The greatest activity is practicing the techniques with pads … It gave the children permission to say no to an adult acting nice to them. Thanks - excellent job!”

Sara Morgan, Mom

"My 5 year old is very shy. I feel better knowing he has learned that it is okay to say no in some situations. I will highly recommend it to others."

Danette Fehringer, Mom

"Thanks for putting together a quality program. I think the kids have a good time learning all the techniques."

Ken Schnipke, Dad

Are You Ready To Get Started Right Away?

Choose The Level You Want And Upgrade Anytime

Beginner Level


  • Great for parents of kids 3.5 to 6 years old.
  • Teach kids how to instantly know good vs. bad people and tricks and lures.
  • Starter lessons, activities, and drills (e-book + 3 videos).
  • Instant Access. Buy Now Begin Learning In Minutes.

Basic Level


  • Perfect for parents of kids 4-8
  • Teach your kids how to recognize bad people, respond assertively, and choose people who can help.
  • The complete Child Safety Fun Ebook plus 7 How To Videos.
  • Instant Access. Lesson Plans, Activities, Drills And More.

Deluxe Level


  • This is our lifetime learning program. Start your child's learning process off right.
  • BEST VALUE for parents of kids 4-12
  • Instant Access to The Child Safety Fun Ebook PLUS 21 Videos & Complete Self Defense Program
  • Private Facebook Group Access To Glen & Annmarie Plus Lifetime Free Updates.

Program Ebook Only


  • Instant Download
  • Bonus Ebook: Four Personal Safety Skills That Rock
  • Contains Lesson Plans, Drills and Activities to Guide You As You Instruct.
  • No Video Access - Activities Appropriate for Kids 4-12.




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